We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

An ordinary day filled with extraordinary thoughts.

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I arrived an hour late at work. Didn’t eat lunch because my friends were too busy working and I got lazy to buy and eat food alone. I planned to work overtime but I don’t know what get into me to go home early. As I was waiting for the clock to hit 5, I opened up MS Word. Out of nowhere, I had a paragraph. I gave it a title “Have you ever?” Since, I didn’t get a chance to finish it I saved the file instead.

My friend/colleague/boss approached me just to ask if I’ve seen her tweet. I answered no because I haven’t really seen it yet. I then grabbed my ipod and check on twitter and browse my timeline. Her recent tweet contains such a nice citation about my blog. Oh yes! I am in awe. These thoughts of mine, even how short they are, I am making a statement.  I’m really trying my best here. Just so you know, this is my 3rd blog site. I need to abandon my first blog because of memories I’m trying to run away from. For my second blog, I can no longer post photos there so I just have to leave. I made a promise that this will be the last. And I really want to make this my own. It’s her idea! I am hesitant at first because I don’t want to bore my readers. (Oh yes! I have.) I fear of having nothing to talk about. I found love boring this time. (Just because I don’t have one.) But will surely try my best to provide you guys a good read.

I picked up my bag. Put my earphones on and set my ipod at its maximum volume. As I leave the office and went straight at the buildings parking area to kill some time, I noticed my earphones not functioning well. I can only hear the sounds of instruments used. And then I realized, it’s much nicer to listen from deep within. It doesn’t mean that things you’re used to see, listen, feel is wrong but if given a chance, try to listen to something else. Maybe then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

As I was travelling home, thoughts have been running through my mind. Why do I live? For whom am I living? Is this all worth it? As you can clearly see, I live for love. My world revolves around love. I let it that way until I get used to it. For whom? That I cannot answer. Maybe if you asked me months ago, I can answer it directly. I can even give you the name. But now? Maybe I’m just living for myself – or the sake of living. I’m trying to learn that there’s more to life than love – than fame – than power – fortune and for whatever reason we have for living. Is this all worth it? I hope so. I am really hoping it is.

Why do we feel that we need to have the world? That whatever we received should be in a silver platter. Why do we cling on things that are temporary? Physical things, does it really matter? We can easily answer this without even thinking twice. As we dig in, we might change our minds and we can no longer defend it though we don’t really have to.

This day has been really amazing. I want more of this for the next couple of days.



Written by RinalynFaye

January 18, 2013 at 3:31 pm

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