We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

Scattered thoughts.

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Why do we keep on losing someone? Someone special? Someone dear to us? Someone close to our hearts? What for? For us to learn? I used to accept that reason. but as i continue to think, it’s not. And until now, I don’t know. Would that be easy to accept the fact that you’re “role” to that someone is done? That in anytime, your no longer part of the picture. That you’re onto the last lap of the run. That in anytime, the game will be over. Good for you if you win. a trophy awaits you. But if not, better luck next time. Would that be fair on your part? I guess not. After giving your all, you’ll gain nothing. Would that be great if you’re just a part or I might say a way of painting the masterpiece? We live to live. right? If that someone leaves, another will come. But this time it will be different – way too different. This is non-sense. I’m contradicting my own for digging in. But seriously, it’s been a fuss on my mind lately.


Written by RinalynFaye

January 23, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Posted in Out of the blue

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