We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

It will be different this time.

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Time flies fast. It’s now February. Yes it is! Love month, girls’ favorite month and boys’ busy month. Heart shaped red papers will soon be visible to everyone’s eyes. Bouquet of flowers will be in demand. Chocolates and teddy bears too. Fine dining restaurants will be filled by sweet couples. Everyone is busy showing off.

Vivid memories of this same month came across my mind. This time last year, I am curious and clueless. I tried very hard. I was crying. That time, I was broken. The time I plead for someone very special to stay in my life forever. The time, I learned to let go and say goodbye. For the first time in my life, I can tell that I truly loved. And for the very first time, I got hurt where no words can ever explain the hurt and pain I felt.

If I could just erase this month to the calendar, I would. Flashbacks are getting active. Unlike anyone of you, I’m not looking forward for February. To tell you the truth, I’m scared that it is now February. Unlike you, I will not be receiving fancy gifts. I will not be spending the day with the man I love. This time, it will be a lot different. Of course, I’ll go out. February is love month, it’s a fact. But when you say love month, it’s general. Love for family, friends and lover. Let this month be different. I’m owning it! I will make it different.


Written by RinalynFaye

February 1, 2013 at 7:37 am

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