We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

I like him.

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One Friday afternoon, I saw this tall, dark and handsome guy with his white polo, slacks and black jacket on walking around the office. He caught my eye because of his height and the fact that he is very neat and by the way, he smells great too. I asked a friend about his name and where is his territory of work. I’m no longer surprise. He’s assigned in Cebu and his name is Alfred. I need to ask my friend this question just to be sure. “Is he married?” She answered no and I smiled.

When I’m about to go home, he’s standing there behind my friend and busy having conversation with them. I don’t know how I will pass by them without getting notice. I know my friends well enough that they will do something humiliating because they know. What I thought was right. It happened. I was speechless for minutes and that is so not me. I am loud and I usually get quiet when I’m in front with someone I like. They introduced us to each other with no hand shake because he wants a kiss to the cheeks. Though I know it’s a joke, I can’t help myself from giggling.

We sat on the bench and I asked my friend a piece of paper and borrowed a pen. I was supposed to do this but my friend insisted. She wrote Alfred’s name and mine. Cross-out the letters our name both have and added it. Wrote down the words FLAMES – an abbreviation for Friend. Love. Anger. Married. Engage and Sweetheart. HOPE which means – Hindi. Oo. Pwede and Ewan. Lastly is CAMEL that means – Crush. Anger. Married. Ewan and Love. They keep on telling me that my idea was so childish. I told my friend to do it a little bit faster. Then voila! The result is Engage – Hindi – Ewan. I was so happy that we’ll be engage the following years but it would be so much fun if we’ll end up getting married. I even say my name out loud using his surname and it sounds great. I wanted to try out different signature when I become his wife but they told me not to.

I maybe childish but this is who I am. Do what makes you happy and don’t mind of what others might say. This is what I do best, making me feel good and having a good laugh at one point in time. I like that guy – Yes, I do. I’m not looking forward for him to like me back but it would feel right if he will. Oh by the way, he complimented me yesterday. That is where it all started right?


Written by RinalynFaye

February 23, 2013 at 6:43 pm

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