We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

What I get from reading.

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I’ve been making myself busy by reading those ebooks i bought weeks ago. I love to read and at the same time I hate it because I can’t help but to hope for a similar one to happen in real life.

This book I’m currently reading have an effect on me – a huge one. I used to hear those words. I used to feel that feeling. I’ve been there and baby I’ve done those. The urge to feel that again is blazing. I want to hear those words loud and clear. I want to feel that feeling I’m imagining. I want it real.

I want to be held, cared, hugged, kissed and to be love all over again. But I’m scared – scared enough to get hurt. I’m starting to believe in forever and to love itself again. I hate being vulnerable but it is all I’m feeling.

I’ve been asking myself, “Am i ready?” In an instant my heart and mind told me “I’m not.” There’s no further questions I need to ask; they know better.

I guess, I need to stop reading romantic novels, I’m expecting without knowing. But thanks to them because they somehow made my heart jump and beat – I realized it is not full of hatred.

Written by RinalynFaye

April 13, 2013 at 1:53 pm

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  1. We all learn from readings and experience true the life but we will never learn enough🙂 Its good to keep heart beat that is the moment when we know we are still feel the things what we love but we don’t wont it.

    Greetings from me🙂 Keep reading romance its keep u who u are🙂


    April 14, 2013 at 6:42 pm

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