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Spontaneous January 2013

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“Let’s go to the beach!’ A friend told me. I didn’t think twice. I asked him when and with whom. He told me, Saturday, January 19, 2013 at Batangas. He told me their plans like overnight, beers, sunset, riding jet-ski and take note – unlimited ride it is! Though I confirmed that I’ll be going without even telling me their plans who would dare to say no? We are talking about beach here! It’s my weakness. I’m a beach bum. I wouldn’t say no!

5AM at Buendia in Taft we met. Went to Shell in Magallanes to wait for others then were off to Southwoods in Laguna to fetch the others. And few hours from there, hello beach!


The moment I saw the place, I was happy – I really am. For some time I forgot the worries I have that time. Thanks to you Wesley, you’re a big help. And another thing, I just the found the perfect location for my dream beach wedding here in Punto Miguel Lakeshore in Batangas.


I got the chance to meet a variety of people. They are all amazing and fun to be with and take note – they have plans and when I say plans it’s a long term plans which awaken my mind to think the same.


While waiting for that fascinating sunset in Batangas, we took a lot of pictures together.


Dinner is served. Dinner at the beach. Bonfire to make us warm. Truth or dare for a fun night. Beers to get along and unlimited stories to share. That night was a blast.


That weekend is about to end and we all need to leave might as well take that one last photo.


Since Tagaytay is near Batangas, we went there to indulge and satisfy the hunger we are feeling at that moment. Ate lunch at Leslie’s. The view was awesome as usual. The food was mouth watering.

This trip was wall of a sudden. The people I’m with are all awesome. Take a chance to meet new people, explore places and have one helluva night!

(Credits to Pawlo and Keyt for the photos.)


Written by RinalynFaye

April 23, 2013 at 5:50 pm

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