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March 2013 was indeed a blast.

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My March was a blast! Since it was a blast, a photo of fireworks will do and explains it all.

Me, my best friend and his boyfriend went to SM mall of Asia in Pasay to watch the Pyro Olympics. I am till now is fascinated to fireworks. The sky was full of colors that night and it is very lovely. I am in complete awe that night.


After that awesome fireworks, we went to a friends house near Taguig which I haven’t been to. Yes, it’s true. I do feel a loser for not experiencing going there for some time. I heard from some people that Taguig, specifically The Fort and McKinley is a great place. I don’t know how to go there all by myself. Commuting is a no. I’m scared to ride a taxi all alone and I’m afraid that I’ll get lost because I am indeed a person who is poor at taking directions.

Have I told you that I have good friends? They manage to tour me around Taguig at 2am in the morning. We stopped at Banchetto the famous overnight Food Fiesta in the district. Had a photo at the awesome “man-made tree” in the place. Tour at Serendra and McKinley Hill. Taguig is an awesome place even at night.

Thanks to you Janna, Alvin, Carmie and Gian for the free tour in the area. Bucket List achieved!


2nd place for this month – Antipolo. I’ve been to Antipolo to attend mass at Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage yearly together with my family but I haven’t seen ever in my life the city lights of Manila from up there.

City lights, cold drinks, stories and laughs is a perfect combination for a bonding. A bucket list achieved again together with good friends, Peki and Joanne.

Before March ends, I together with friends went to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna.


We rode Disc-O Magic, Rio Grande Rapids, Anchors Away, Flying Fiesta, Space Shuttle, Log Jam and EKstreme for I don’t know how many times it is. We are all wet but we are indeed very happy. This will be the last time, as I believe I’ll be spending time with the boys. You guys are the best. You ended my month a blast just like how it started.


Written by RinalynFaye

April 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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