We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

Impressions don’t lasts.

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People told me I look younger than my age. I’m innocent, naive, vulnerable and only a few told me I’m snobbish. Till they found out I’m not. Yes! They were all wrong.

Up to present, I’ve been hearing the same impressions. Yes, I look like 15 instead of 22. I’m loud, outgoing and funny. I’m no longer as innocent as they believe I’d be. I’m mean and a bitch as they call me.

Boys on the other hand tell me I’m aggressive and the fact that I am more of a man than them. Will that be one of the reason why guys around me would like to be just a friend instead of something more? I just have that strong personality as everyone say. Are they afraid that they can’t keep up with me? Do they feel I slap them hard in the face for being this?

I’m curious and I don’t even know how did they come up with those impressions of me. I don’t want to prove them anything. I am just being me. You like me or not, I’ll be me.


Written by RinalynFaye

May 10, 2013 at 11:07 pm

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