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Wandering March – Hello Polillo!

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Cocook Shoal, Polillo Island Quezon Province. A paradise in the middle nowhere.



5 hours of land travel from Legarda to Real Port in Quezon. Another 5 hours boat ride from Real Port to Languyin, Polillo Island in Quezon. Butt aching, Head spinning, Stomach grinding is all worth it.


Look what’s waiting for us?! Fresh buko all over the place and here’s more UNLIMITED BUKO it is! (Too bad I’m not a fan) Ate lunch right after. Sinigang na baboy and Inihaw na Tanigue. Thank God there’s pork because if not, I’ll be starving to death.


First activity, Trekking! It’s my kind of thing – everybody knows that. Almost 2 hours of non stop walking and experiencing cramps, we arrived.




Hello there new found friends. We all have one friend in common but it wasn’t really hard being with these fellas!

And if you are on a camping kind of going out, who would dare forgot to have a bonfire? We aren’t one of those, so here we are. Cold liquors, chips and a guitar on the side.



We are a fan of beerpong too.  Might as well play it.


Me and this friend of mine are hustlers. I don’t have any idea why we lost. Luck wasn’t in our favor that night I guess.

My kryptonite are beers, so I end up drunk after one round and went to sleep right after. I don’t have any idea what happened that night and I don’t intend to know. I’ll get envious!

Sleeping early the previous night has been my advantage. I got to snorkel, rode a kayak and swam non stop for our activity the following day.





And as usual, my favorite part. Lying and playing on sand – literally.


Since I have short hair now, I can no longer flip my hair so this will do. My summer photo 2014.

It’s our last night, so we’ll enjoy the rest of it. Karaoke, Pusoy Dos, Go Fish and a ‘lil bit of “dare or dare” games to end it. That “gago dance” made our night!


Our itinerary changed because the boat we’re supposed to ride on our way back can’t fetch us. An hour of motorbike ride to Polillo is the only way. I don’t really ride bikes but I ended up with no choice. After that ride, I had sore legs. I swore that it’ll never happen again. Never!

3 hours boat ride is next. We got nothing to do here so we played cards all over again. No money involve. We don’t gamble.


From my friends to yours, have an awesome summer!


PS. Thank you for the invite my dearest Taft buddy! I had fun and a heartbreak too. HA.HA.HA


Written by RinalynFaye

March 22, 2014 at 4:31 pm

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  1. hello mam, pa info naman po the deatails how to get the polillo island, the contact person, how to arrange the boat how much….and also if its a possible to camp in the island? salamat po.

    Ofredo Manuel

    April 30, 2015 at 2:52 pm

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