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Unforgettable September – Masasa, Tingloy Batangas

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They all say “Wake me up when September ends” My mantra would be “Wake me up when September begins.” My summer vibe at the middle of the year. I guess, I was born to play with sands and waves. Everyone thinks the same way too.


After that “Videoke thing on August” I met with 2 of them over a bucket of beer just to say I’ll be absent at our monthly thing for August so I invited them at my place at Batangas before Kier leaves the country. Which in the end, I was there to sing with them too. HAHAHA. So yeah, here we are. After a month, Batangas we go! (L-R) Reigner, Me, Peaches,Kenneth and Jo Anne) Kier on wheels. (He doesn’t want to be tagged on facebook that’s why. HAHAHA)


Since they arrived at our house in Manila late, the whole schedule was messed up. We’re supposed to climb this mountain at our town but we didn’t. They’re too tired to trek and walk so we pour ourselves into these alcohol. 2 Emperador Light, 3 Red Horse Beer Mucho and 2 Grand Matador. Kudos to me, Reigner and Kier for being the toughest of ’em all. We’re drinking till 3AM. I got drunk. Real drunk. HAHAHA


Our good morning faces. HAHAHA. Off to paradise which I’ve been dying to go since I don’t know.


The place i’m talking about – Masasa Beach at Tingloy, Batangas. A boat ride away from my place. I was in awe when I finally laid my eyes on this place. But even before seeing this beach, you’ll first go through this.


Wonderful isn’t? I know. I know.


I missed this girl so damn much. A candid photo of you and a not so candid photo of me. AHAHAHA. No FO’s okay? HAHAHA


Hey you, in that moment, in that fucking moment you lost me. 


Written by RinalynFaye

September 13, 2014 at 1:49 pm

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  1. Hi Faye. It was in 2012 when I first wet you. We were introduced by this girl (you know who). Since then we have been comfortable with each other and I still can remember that you were forcing yourself to belief that I am not gay. Idk if thats real tho but one thing crossed my mind that I am very sure of when I get talk to you at that bar beside UST, this girl is gonna be an awesowe friend. And YOU did. We had so many outings and inuman sessions and none of them has not been very fun. Truly, we became friends bonded by our common hobbies and perspective in life.

    It has been a few months now since we have seen each other. I totally miss you and it breaks my heart whenever I think of the very reason why there was no communication now. I know that it was our fault and what we did was just unacceptable or I would say really unforgivable. Idk why we have done such to the person whom we know is very dear to you.

    I am not expecting that we would have the same relationship again as friends way back but I really want you to know that I am very sorry for what happened. I know we were exactly out of line. We know are mistakes.


    I never know that you were into this kind of thing – writing and documenting your adventures and expressing your feelings. And when I start to read some of the entries here and found some writings of your adventures where I was a part of, tears fell. I admit to myself that I was the one who cut the string that bonds us. 😢😢😢

    I am really really sorry and still hoping that you’d forgive me/us. There was an entry here saying that you prayed to the Lord and it comes. You just have to wait and be patient. I would hold into that and I wouldnt stop waiting and hoping that we will be friends again. All of us, being able to the fun and cool things again we did in the past. Till we meet again, BABY!


    Reigner Dellosa

    July 12, 2015 at 5:35 pm

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