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May 2015 – Banaue, Sagada, Baguio

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First out of town together with my love. (Just us two.) So yes, worth posting. (I better make this a good one.)

April 30, supposedly 9:30PM departure time but it ended up 11:30PM. We have a schedule to follow but it’s all messed up. 

It’s a 9 hours travel from Manila to Banaue another 2 hours from Banaue to Sagada. Butt aching ride it is. Stop overs aren’t enough but thank them anyway.Banaue Rice Terraces – first stop. This wouldn’t be complete without us taking a selfie.  

Since we depart late, we arrived late. Our activity for Day 1 which is Sumaguing Cave didn’t happen because it rained hard that afternoon. We’ll get stranded if that happen. (Getting trap at a cave? Scary.)

It’s Day1 = Rest Day. (Since it’s Labor Day. HAHAHAHA)

The place in which we stayed is very “homie” (is there such a word? HAHAHA) 

Day 2, Part 1 – Sumaguing Cave 

 This photo will do. HAHAHAHA.  Prepare to get wet. Don’t bring anything that will make it hard for you to go down and slide. 
Day 2, Part 2 – Bomod-Ok Falls

 But first, you have to get through this   

Can you see the village? If you set foot by the village, you’re half way there. Wait, there’s more. You’ll be taking the same way too for you to go home. Tiring right? The tour guides will give you option if you complain. HAHAHA

Going to Sagada wouldn’t be complete without this. BUBONG RIDE!! (Yes, we took the other way.) Sumaguing Cave was a mission impossible one and so Bomod-Ok Falls, please understand. HAHAHAHA 

Day 3, Part 1 – Mt. Kiltepan Taken just before the sun rises. Sea of clouds is just so heavenly.

Day 3, Part 2 – St. Mary’s Church, Echo Valley & Hanging Coffins


  That ends our Sagada tour. We’re off to Baguio with Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on the background. (It’s Mayweather Production you guys!) 

Note: Baguio is 5 hours away from Sagada. 5 hours of sleep is not enough for a 2 day non-stop walking.

The only picture I have about Baguio. Try their strawberry ice cream! (Pang-instagram sa sarap!) 

~> WATCH ME <~ 
It’s a video not exceeding 2 minutes showing how we enjoyed Sagada. Watch! 

 Let’s do this again my Love. #FayeAndCholoAdventures 


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May 14, 2015 at 12:37 am

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