We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

ACG 451

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I don’t want to write about you. Baka kasi maudlot. Pero parang doon na din naman ang punta. So let me tell a story.

It was in a cold December night. I’m having fun with my friends with a bottle of beer on hand and a stick of cigarette on the other. They were firing me questions like “What happened?” “Okay kna?” “Ano ba kasing ginawa/sinabe mo?” PS. Hep hep! We’re not talking about my ex who cheated. 😂 And then one friend of mine suggested this crazy thing and I let him do the work. Then I met you.

Things were going pretty well at first. Right? Then it becomes a habit I believe. I even told you na assumera ako just so you can stop with what you were doing. But you didn’t. Then I kinda fell – not too hard. Thank God! But I still did.

We met over brekky just before Christmas. Then I had this gut feeling that everything will be different right after. My hunches were right. It took you hours to sent me an SMS which is unusual btw. From there, I knew it.

We are two broken people cheated on. We were not in a hurry but everything happened so fast. I don’t know if I should thank you or I should get mad when you told me out of the blue na “Hindi pa pala ako ready.” Then you uttered those magic words – I LIKE YOU. A LOT. na pinanghawakan ko at pinanghahawakan ko pa din hanggang ngayon. Which I know is stupid. 😂😂 But I can’t help it. 💔

Then all of a sudden, feeling loved posts is all over your timeline. We seldom talk na and yun pa makikita ko. So, “hindi na ako? May iba na? Akala ko ba, hindi ka pa ready?” Yung puso ko, double dead na. 😂 I was about to ask you last night but I’ll sound needy so I didn’t even bother opening it up.

So yeah, another time wasted on possibly the wrong guy. I LIKE YOU TOO. A LOT. But this kahibangan has to stop once and for all.

PPS. FYI, I’m okay na before I entertain ‘em boys just to make sure I’m not going to hurt anybody. Baka lang i-judge nyo ko na malandi ako. 😂 kakabreak lang may kinakalantari ng iba. 😂 Just have an overflowing love na walang mapagbigyan. 😂 kaso sa maling tao ko pa naisip ibigay. So, sarili ko na lang uli ilalaan. 👍🏽


Written by RinalynFaye

January 28, 2018 at 10:54 pm

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