We all have stories to tell. These are mine – the twisted words of life.

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I’m glad I have my friends with me. Ones that are real. Ones that aren’t only present in the drunken moments of life.  


Just trying to think

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Good guys are the silent type. Affirm it or not, we have at least one of the good guys at the “friend-zone”.

Bad guys, they’re every girls type. Don’t be a hypocrite. Just say so.

We always choose to love the bad guys. They all say the right words. Whatever they do will make you head over heels with them.

We cry when they hurt us. We all get bitter over this guys ain’t worth a tiny bitterness at all. We always think that they will change. Maybe they will, but not for you.

Good guys aren’t all about “being nice”. I won’t say that they don’t sin.  They aren’t perfect. What makes them different? They take time. And they think.

Who would you choose? The bad guy or the good guy? If you’re looking for some thrill and adventure, go for the bad guy. But if you’re looking for a change or maybe you know better now, go for the good guy.

Written by RinalynFaye

February 1, 2014 at 4:20 pm

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Yung gantong oras bago matulog ang pinaka-ayaw ko. Dito mo kasi naaalala ang mga bagay na dapat hindi na inaalala. At lalong lalo na, dito mo naiisip ang mga taong hindi na dapat isipin pa. Ang magagawa mo na lang ay ang mag-buntong hininga.

It may be ironic but it’s worth it.

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As I hold the cigarette firmly on my fingers, a thought comes to mind. Life isn’t a fairy tale – happily ever after rarely happen. You can’t take things back to make it right. Uttered words can’t be taken back either. Broken hearts can mend but it will never be the same – things will never be the same. Life can be ironic but it is woth living.

I’m a bitch

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If you could take time to search the meaning of bitch on Wikipedia, it means a female dog. In our generation, it is used as an insult.

I myself was once called one by that person I never imagined calling me that – it’s Mr. Almost Forever Guy. I really can’t remember the story behind why he called me one. It’s the very first time I was called that way and that makes it the most unforgettable description I’ve ever had. Recently, I’ve been called a bitch by friends and I kind of love it because I know it is meant to laugh at.

Does smoking make one a bitch? Does drinking alcohol makes one a bitch? Does fighting for something you truly believe in makes you one? If that’s your definition of a bitch, I’ll be accepting the term to describe me. I stand up for myself, for those things I believe in and for the people who are dear to me. I speak my mind and do things my own way. I live my life my way and I don’t compromise my heart. I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be me and one thing I hate the most is injustice, I don’t tolerate one. I’m a fighter and a believer if that makes me a bitch, well I guess, being a bitch is one of my charm. 

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March 10, 2013 at 9:45 am

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Put the blame on you

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Have you ever thought that life is unfair? Have you ever thought that you don’t deserve whatever is happening to your life right now? Have you ever blamed God for feeling that way?

I know you have all heard that common saying and it goes like this “You reap what you sow.” Don’t think that life is unfair. Whatever you feel right now – happiness, contentment, pain and whatever, you deserve all that. You probably missed a part where you don’t intend of causing pain to others and then there’s karma in the scene. You don’t see it coming. Actually, I don’t believe in karma. It’s just an excuse of those who are weak.

If you are poor, don’t blame it to God. Blame it on yourself. You didn’t strive hard enough. If you’re in pain, you have an option not to think about the pain anymore but you chose to stick yourself in that situation. If you’re happy, it’s the best decision you ever made.

Don’t ever blame God for whatever. He knows what He is doing. If you are in pain, you surely deserve that. But it will not last long. If you are happy, seize the moment. If you are feel contented, good for you.

Life is fair. Playing fair and square to each and everyone of us. The people who are living life are unfair. We are to blame for everything. We decide for everything – not fate. So whatever we have, we feel, we possess it’s all our choice. The blame is all on us.

Written by RinalynFaye

February 8, 2013 at 12:26 pm

Real love has no room for fading.

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“The course of true love never did run smooth.” – William Shakespeare

A fact everyone knows. We can’t deny the fact that it is true. From there, a sudden question came out of nowhere. Does love fade? If yes, Why? In what way you’ll know it is fading? What possible ways we ought to do to stop it from happening?

I asked a few friends and I were caught in the middle and my mind was in rumble of thoughts and ideas. They told me, yes. Love do fades.  The moment you exert effort to keep it alive is a sign it is fading. And when I asked them what remedy to do, constant communication and trust is the key. One friend answered, no. That love doesn’t fade. The people, who we choose to love change and not love itself. When love fades like most of them say, pain is next. Then the whole thing will be bumpy and that quote is damn right.

I don’t believe that love fades. And yes, the people we choose to love are the one changing. Love has always been there. A fake gold/silver will fade for a fact that it’s not real. Same as love, it will fade if it is not real. Love has got to be real.

Written by RinalynFaye

February 7, 2013 at 8:27 am

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