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His little ways.

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Everytime I ask,

you never fail to provide.

Everytime I cry,

your ways abide.

In your little ways,

I knew I am not forgotten.

I need not to wait for long,

though I always question.

In your own little ways,

I know you have plans.

Plans that act accordingly to mine.

Thank you for ALWAYS being there.

I know I’ve been asking for too much,

But you never dare complain.

Whatever your plans are,

Just lead me the way.

I’ll follow through and through.


Written by RinalynFaye

February 17, 2019 at 3:22 pm

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My mom really wanted to go Davao to attend her officemate’s house blessing and to really just leave Manila. I was a bit at fault here. My US trip last year was the reason we didn’t have our yearly family trip. 😭 I booked her to Davao along with her officemate. Then I booked myself too an hour later. πŸ˜‚ The original plan was to go along with them. But then, as bipolar as I am, I changed my mind.

Right after we landed at Davao, I called a cab and made my way to a friend’s place. I told my mom my plans and made her understand that I needed this time by myself. Thank God she did understand.

The next day, I’m off to Talicud Island.

Cab to Sta Ana Wharf – 150-200PHP

Boat ride to Talicud Island – 150PHP/way

The moment the sea touched my toes, I was genuinely happy. Ran to the cottage we booked, changed my clothes and swam right after. The mermaid vibe in me is back from that moment on. No one stopped me (except food) from swimming and playing with the waves (not even the sun at 12 noon.)

I was so freakin’ happy and toasted. πŸ˜‚Island life is ❀️ Summer is ❀️ I really have to include this picture of mine because I love every flaws in it. πŸ˜‚ Well of course, the main reason why. Mending my “double dead” heart πŸ˜‚ Though I can go to CDO because it’s where he is at the fuckin’ moment but never mind. Bad idea. πŸ˜‚ He’ll just break my ❀️ I find hard to get a hold of πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…Oh yes! Me. Sand. Sea. This was taken early in the morning the following day because I was too drunk to have a decent picture by the sunset. I can literally live here. Srsly!My Resting Beach Phase photo. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… I wouldn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun. I wouldn’t mind the uneven tan lines. Gahd! Island life is the best life. ❀️It’s us again. πŸ˜‚ The only friend I can drag anywhere. Blessed to have her in my roller coaster ride of life. I loveyou, bitch! 😘

Written by RinalynFaye

March 20, 2018 at 2:23 am

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Mt Pinatubo

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I’ve been wanting to go to Mt. Pinatubo way way back. It’s a little bit pricey so I didn’t. And since, I’m mending my “double dead” heart πŸ˜‚ I wouldn’t mind indulging myself to activities I deprived myself for years. πŸ˜‚

At the top, with the pose I’m starting to adapt and love. I’m happy af! Me, trying my best to be candid here. But, I just couldn’t do it. I’m such a lens charmer. Eh? πŸ˜‚ Beautiful Disaster. Literally and figuratively. ❀️

Here’s the catch. I was expecting for a pretty intense hike that day because I was told that Pinatubo is a major hike. Much to my surprise, it was just 15-20mins trek. I was pretty much disappointed but the 4×4 ride made up to it. And the view itself was outrageously awesome!

Thanks te for always being there with/for me. And for my awesome pictures as well. Wouldn’t trade you for anything – eveeeeer!!!

Written by RinalynFaye

March 20, 2018 at 1:52 am

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Tayo’y dalawang tao na pinagtagpo.

Ng tadhanang mapaglaro.

Ang atin ay hindi sigurado.

Teka, magkakaroon nga ba ng tayo?

Ako’y labis na naiingit sa kanya.

Sa kanya, na minamahal mo ng sobra.

Dapat bang sayo ay umasa pa?

O hayaan ka ng mag-isa?

Mr. Lipa,

Tanging hiling ng pusong ito,

Pag ika’y buo na,

Sana ako’y nandito pa.

Written by RinalynFaye

March 20, 2018 at 1:20 am

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Frustrating and Sad

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January is about to end. And to tell you the truth, nothing good happened. Saltwater would be of big help but I don’t have the means to do so. (1) Been saving up for my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party this August. (2) I can’t imagine going to the beach all by myself. (3) The beach/es I want to go costs a lot.

Work, isn’t appreciative. Family, mom’s a little persistent of me and my ex getting back together. Love, doesn’t want to be involve no matter how bad I want it. Friends, I’m hesistant to share with them, just because I know them so well. I have so much on my plate right now.

Had my 5th and 6th tattoo. I’ll make it the highlight of this month. Eh?

So, February, as cliche as it may sound, please oh please be good to me. ❀️

Written by RinalynFaye

January 28, 2018 at 11:34 pm

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ACG 451

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I don’t want to write about you. Baka kasi maudlot. Pero parang doon na din naman ang punta. So let me tell a story.

It was in a cold December night. I’m having fun with my friends with a bottle of beer on hand and a stick of cigarette on the other. They were firing me questions like β€œWhat happened?” β€œOkay kna?” β€œAno ba kasing ginawa/sinabe mo?” PS. Hep hep! We’re not talking about my ex who cheated. πŸ˜‚ And then one friend of mine suggested this crazy thing and I let him do the work. Then I met you.

Things were going pretty well at first. Right? Then it becomes a habit I believe. I even told you na assumera ako just so you can stop with what you were doing. But you didn’t. Then I kinda fell – not too hard. Thank God! But I still did.

We met over brekky just before Christmas. Then I had this gut feeling that everything will be different right after. My hunches were right. It took you hours to sent me an SMS which is unusual btw. From there, I knew it.

We are two broken people cheated on. We were not in a hurry but everything happened so fast. I don’t know if I should thank you or I should get mad when you told me out of the blue na β€œHindi pa pala ako ready.” Then you uttered those magic words – I LIKE YOU. A LOT. na pinanghawakan ko at pinanghahawakan ko pa din hanggang ngayon. Which I know is stupid. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But I can’t help it. πŸ’”

Then all of a sudden, feeling loved posts is all over your timeline. We seldom talk na and yun pa makikita ko. So, β€œhindi na ako? May iba na? Akala ko ba, hindi ka pa ready?” Yung puso ko, double dead na. πŸ˜‚ I was about to ask you last night but I’ll sound needy so I didn’t even bother opening it up.

So yeah, another time wasted on possibly the wrong guy. I LIKE YOU TOO. A LOT. But this kahibangan has to stop once and for all.

PPS. FYI, I’m okay na before I entertain β€˜em boys just to make sure I’m not going to hurt anybody. Baka lang i-judge nyo ko na malandi ako. πŸ˜‚ kakabreak lang may kinakalantari ng iba. πŸ˜‚ Just have an overflowing love na walang mapagbigyan. πŸ˜‚ kaso sa maling tao ko pa naisip ibigay. So, sarili ko na lang uli ilalaan. πŸ‘πŸ½

Written by RinalynFaye

January 28, 2018 at 10:54 pm

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I don’t know the exact reason why I’m here. Typing words that doesn’t really mean a thing. Unnecessary thoughts have been clouding my mind. And they still are. Cutting ties, I hate it the most. Forgetting, I find it hard to do. Giving up, I don’t even know what that means. I like to think that this is just a phase. I want to really change the pace. But I can’t. There’s no one talk to that would understand. They’ll contradict every words and thoughts that I have. So what’s the point of telling? I don’t really ask for help – I was never taught to seek help. But can this be an exemption? I’m shouting, but no one can hear. I’m sobbing but it feels like I’m crying. I’m slowly drowning. I’m out of breath. I feel like dying. Save me from this agony. Release me from this pain. Take me away from this hell.

Written by RinalynFaye

November 17, 2017 at 2:19 am

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