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Spontaneous July – YOLO at Bulacan

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It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon when I a friend of mine pm’ed me on Facebook just to say we’ll push through. Despite that not so lovely weather, I packed my things and left home with a note for my mom saying I’ll be back the next day.

It’s INC’s 100th year celebration so we kinda left early at Kamuning for us not to be stuck in traffic. But we weren’t lucky enough but we had time –  we made time to go crazy while waiting.


Thank God for counter-flow we arrived a little early at Bulakan so we ate lugaw which is delicious by the way. Perfect for the weather indeed.

At around 9pm, we left Bulakan to go to Malolos to do what we really have to do.



As a matter of fact, alcohol keeps us together. So yeah. We went all the way North to have a drink with 5 of them. After 4 buckets, we decided to go hard at Jo Anne’s place instead. While we were on our way, someone (I really don’t know who that someone is) suggested we go swimming instead. Everybody affirmed. We still went to Jo Anne’s place for her to get clothes for us to wear. See? This is indeed spontaneous.


As much as I want to share every detail, I’d rather not. But to tell you frankly, I was so damn happy that day.

“There will always be that person in our life we’ll never lose feelings for.”



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August 4, 2014 at 10:55 pm

Exploring April – Welcome to Cagbalete.

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A legit footprint of mine and my travel mantra would be the best way to start this. “I vow to travel. I vow to see the wonders the world has to offer. The waves may wash away the marks I lay, but the memories will stay forever.”


Last weekend, April 26 & 27, I spent my weekend at this paradise in Quezon with my previous officemates. Oh wait, let me rephrase that – my extended family. A different island than the previous one of course. Located at Mauban, Quezon – Cagbalete Island. I’ve been dying to go here because it’s beauty is one of a kind that attracts my eyes.


Touchdown Cagbalete.


The beach – my happy place.


Strolling by the shore with these ladies.


We were supposed to go swimming but much to our surprise, it’s low tide already. So we just walked by the vast white sand of the beach and saw lots of marine life there and we took lots of photos too.


That moment before sunrise is my next favorite thing next to sunset. It’s kind of tragic how the moon never wants to let go but it has to. Slowly. Fading. 


But our energy won’t ever fade. While they were busy taking pictures and getting wet might as well share some pose with these awesome people.


I’m lost. Will you find me? I’m happy. I would like you to have a piece of it. I did find myself. Would you accept me?


My Summer Photo 2014 – in the sands again!


The largest starfish I’ve ever seen and it has color too! Yehey!


From my extended family to yours, Happy Summer!


I being Dora is this fun, I would definitely embrace it.

Till my next travel blog.

Signing off.

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April 29, 2014 at 2:28 am

Wandering March – Hello Polillo!

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Cocook Shoal, Polillo Island Quezon Province. A paradise in the middle nowhere.



5 hours of land travel from Legarda to Real Port in Quezon. Another 5 hours boat ride from Real Port to Languyin, Polillo Island in Quezon. Butt aching, Head spinning, Stomach grinding is all worth it.


Look what’s waiting for us?! Fresh buko all over the place and here’s more UNLIMITED BUKO it is! (Too bad I’m not a fan) Ate lunch right after. Sinigang na baboy and Inihaw na Tanigue. Thank God there’s pork because if not, I’ll be starving to death.


First activity, Trekking! It’s my kind of thing – everybody knows that. Almost 2 hours of non stop walking and experiencing cramps, we arrived.




Hello there new found friends. We all have one friend in common but it wasn’t really hard being with these fellas!

And if you are on a camping kind of going out, who would dare forgot to have a bonfire? We aren’t one of those, so here we are. Cold liquors, chips and a guitar on the side.



We are a fan of beerpong too.  Might as well play it.


Me and this friend of mine are hustlers. I don’t have any idea why we lost. Luck wasn’t in our favor that night I guess.

My kryptonite are beers, so I end up drunk after one round and went to sleep right after. I don’t have any idea what happened that night and I don’t intend to know. I’ll get envious!

Sleeping early the previous night has been my advantage. I got to snorkel, rode a kayak and swam non stop for our activity the following day.





And as usual, my favorite part. Lying and playing on sand – literally.


Since I have short hair now, I can no longer flip my hair so this will do. My summer photo 2014.

It’s our last night, so we’ll enjoy the rest of it. Karaoke, Pusoy Dos, Go Fish and a ‘lil bit of “dare or dare” games to end it. That “gago dance” made our night!


Our itinerary changed because the boat we’re supposed to ride on our way back can’t fetch us. An hour of motorbike ride to Polillo is the only way. I don’t really ride bikes but I ended up with no choice. After that ride, I had sore legs. I swore that it’ll never happen again. Never!

3 hours boat ride is next. We got nothing to do here so we played cards all over again. No money involve. We don’t gamble.


From my friends to yours, have an awesome summer!


PS. Thank you for the invite my dearest Taft buddy! I had fun and a heartbreak too. HA.HA.HA

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March 22, 2014 at 4:31 pm

Old love February – Welcome to North!

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Last weekend (February 22, 2014) marks my first out of town for the year. Booyah! I was asked by my previous boss if I would like to go to Vigan with them. Knowing me, I wouldn’t say no. So, Friday night, 21st of February, I went to Makati straight from work because were all going to meet there. 10PM was our scheduled departure at Partas Terminal Station in Cubao.

Vigan is 477 kilometers north of Manila. Hello to 10 hours of bus ride with my boss sitting beside me. I stay awake the whole trip going North because its the way it is for me. I find it hard to sleep in that sitting position.

Almost 8AM when we arrived at Vigan City. We stayed at My Vigan Home Hotel. It’s just beside Calle Crisologo an advantage it is!

We had our breakfast at Kusina Felicitas near our inn. Their foods are delicious. Since you’re in the heritage city of Ilocos, might as well embrace the culture just for a couple of days.

Let’s waste no time. Our first stop: Syquia Mansion


Second stop: Fr. Burgos House. I planned to post group photos here but since I don’t have a groupie taken in that place, I’ll proceed to the next stop which is the Pottery Place which I don’t have photos too. But the 2 places mentioned above, you’ll definitely learn something from the tour guide they have in there.

Fourth Stop: St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral.


Pray. Make a wish. Light a candle. Have a little faith. Your wish will come true.

Fifth stop: Baluarte. The one I’ve been waiting for. Tiger Encounter. I’m thrilled!


Free ride with a pony. Butterfly haven. Haven’t had an encounter with the tiger. I just looked at it a few feet away because the handler is not in the area. Yes, I got sad.


Give me this moment to brag. I took that photo not in Auto but in Manual. Woosah! My eyesight isn’t really that bad after all.

Sixth stop: Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and its bell tower.



Wish again. Yes! I did that. In every church I visit the first time, I always make a wish.

Second to the last stop for today: Empanadahan. Vigan/Ilocos is famous for their empanada. I am not a fan but I bought myself a piece and when I’m about to take a bite, I saw a leafy kind of thing and that’s it. I gave mine to a friend and have him let eat.

Last stop: Dancing Fountain at the plaza.

I’m a kid by heart. Those things fascinate me. I don’t know why but I won’t be explaining why. I just love them. I just do.


Another photo taken by me! Yehey! I guess I’m starting to learn the basics again.

After an hour of non stop water and lights display in front of me, it’s time to invade Calle Crisologo. I have a lot of photos to share here, but I’ll filter them all so you won’t get bored.


The one who made this trip possible. The one who everyone thought is my mom because we look like each other. The one who loves to tease me. I love you Ma’am BMM!


Oh yes! It’s me doing that thumbs up pose again! Because Vigan is deinitely a “Must Visit” kind of place.


With them gays! I love these two a lot. We party after walking this street at Legacy Superclub. Thank God they let us in even we’re wearing slippers. Advantage of being a tourist –  everything is in your favor.


The Intramuros vibe is all over this picture of mine. Makes me want to go back to the “Walled City” and roam around.

Day 2 and our last. We ain’t tired yet so we’ll be going to Laoag for another set of tour!


Welcome to Ilocos Norte! It’s obvious I know. But I said it with feeling so it does matter.

First stop: Damabana ni Juan Luna.

All I have are “selfies” for this tour so bare with me. But I’ll see to it that there’ll be that connection in every picture I’ll be posting.


With the man I look up to – Ferdinand Marcos. He’s witty, he’s handsome, he’s perfect – almost perfect! Our second stop is at his museum. I also got a chance to see his body after the tour at the museum. No pictures in there. We were not allowed.


Third stop: Paoay Church. I did the same thing st the previous churches I’ve been. If you’re wondering why the churches there looks the same, I did too. Our tour guide told me that those churches were build by the Agustinians that’s why they have the same structure.

Fourth stop and the highlight of the day: Paoay Sand Dunes Adventures.


I would definitely regret if I’ll go back home without even trying to sandboard. I’m confident I can do that because 1st, skimboarding is harder and I’ve tried to skimboard already. 2nd, I’m already here. There won’t be a next time. I convinced the rest of the group to avail the package with the sandboarding included. Thank God they want to experience that too so it wasn’t that hard. Rode a 4X4. We tried sandboarding right after we got off the truck. Went to the beach. Rode the truck again.

Tip: Don’t do what we did.

1. Don’t try this at 12noon. Most preferable time is at the morning and between 3PM-4PM so the sand won’t be that hot and the sun as well.

2. Bring water with you. I am that hard headed, we didn’t listen to our driver.

3. Don’t wear slippers. You might not be able to walk through the sand.


This thing deserves a “selfie” Hail to the adventurous person in the group.


Our group’s jumpshot!

Second to the last stop: Malacanang of the North.


Those kind of windows scares me. Malacanang scares me. But the view by the lake is awesome.


Last stop before our lunch at La Preciosa and before getting our asses at the bus going back to Manila, Laoag City Church and belltower.

What a weekend that was. Up until now, I’m tired but happy and fulfilled. I guess I need a little of decent sleep which I don’t know where to find.

I enjoyed this trip to North. It’s my first time to see lots of green even at the expressways which I guess that’s what lacking South or maybe not. I don’t know. Maybe because it’s my first and it’s unusual to my eyes. It’s worth every penny and effort. This is the trip I won’t regret and I won’t even dare to forget.

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February 26, 2014 at 3:15 am

What’s your name?

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Did you ever hate the name you have right now? Did you ever thought of changing it? Am I the only one? Yes, I did hate my name and I did plan to change it.

Way way way back, when I was much younger, I envy the name of my cousins – the girl ones. Their names are good for both gender. And I like the way it sounds. Mine is too girly and it’s somehow irritating. I’m not the girly type kind of girl. Well, I guess, back then. But still, I don’t like my name.

I grew up surrounded by boys. I wore cap instead of headband. I loved oversize shirts than the shirts that’s my size. I rather shoot balls than play barbie. I rather laugh hard than have a fight with the girls. And that’s where it all started. I start to ask why my name sounds that way. Am I born to be that girly kind of girl? I wanted to be far from the usual. Since I spent a lot of time with them together. They called me names. (eg. Paye. Kampilitot. Ilongapo. Ineng.) Though my name have its history than the others, I won’t buy that.

In my gradeschool days, I have this classmate with the name same as mine. That’s when I started to love my second name. I want “Faye” to be mine alone. Entering highschool with the same people, my name changes overtime. (eg. Pepay. Pepot. Fayer. Pipay. Pips.) We graduated highschool wherein I was known as “Faye” and she as her first name. Beat that?

Years passed, “Faye” doesn’t sound the same. It became meaningless. That’s when I started to try calling myself “Rinalyn”. I even changed my twitter ID to @callmeRINALYN from @RinalynFaye. Some friends do call me “Rinalyn” some calls me my full name tho which I find appealing.

Why am I writing this? Because I realized I have the coolest name ever. Its history is mine alone. It’s original not just from baby names book. (Though you can find “Faye” at those kind of books.) Well, the whole package itself is unique.

And one more thing, those people who called me names, I miss them – a lot. I miss hearing those names of mine from them. Some of them, I won’t be able to hear anymore. Maybe in my dream. Or maybe when I’ll be with them again – in time.

“Rinalyn Faye”, yes it is girly but it’s me. It’s for you to find out.

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February 9, 2014 at 5:14 am


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I’m glad I have my friends with me. Ones that are real. Ones that aren’t only present in the drunken moments of life.  

2013 by my name.

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Let me summarize my 2013 by my name.

R – Reached out to my mom.

I – Invested money at pigs.

N – New work.

A – Adventurous as I need to be.

L – Loved a complete stranger.

Y – Yelled at someone over silly things.

N – New friends on the list.

F – Fought over something I thought that matter.

A – Abandoned my safe zone.

Y – Young at heart as usual.

E – Engage myself in a business.

V – Voluptuous as I am but they love it.

I – Immoral activities? Yeah. Some.

L – Lose friends.

L – Late? Not today.

A – Abrupt decisions almost everyday.

N – Needy. I never thought I’d be.

U – Ubiquitous in every event I’m invited.

E – Egregious when needed.

V – Vivacious in every fucking way.

A – Abused my heart all over again.

It’s been full of ups and down. Hell yeah! I’m still alive fellas! You can’t bring down an ass kickin’ girl like me.

2014, I’m welcoming with open arms.

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January 23, 2014 at 9:23 pm

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