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My First Spring Experience

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It was Summer (PH time) when I left the country. 4th of May 2017 via China Southern Airlines bound to Guangzhou, China then my destination – Los Angeles, California. 

That was the longest flight I’ve been to. Been awake for 19hrs the entire flight. The nervousness fade the moment I step out of the airport and greet my Aunt who fetched me. Then reality sinks in, I’m here! Kim K and I are breathing the same polluted air. (HAHAHA) 

Welcome to United States of America!

I went there to attend my cousin; my sister I never had; my frenemy’s (is there really such a term? Hahaha) graduation which happened on the 6th of May.

For 7 years and 7 months of talking through Viber, Messenger, Instagram and whatever means of communications this techy world now have, we finally got to see each other AGAIN. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

I stayed there for over a month so might as well enjoy every moment. Yay? I got a chance to visit 4 states. (Thank God, school’s over she have all the time to take me to places.) 

1st state – CALIFORNIA!

@ Santa Monica Pier

@Downtown LA

@Universal Studios, Hollywood

@Balboa Park, San Diego 

@Old Town, San Diego

@USS Midway Museum, San Diego

@Coronado, California

@Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego

@Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

@LACMA (Been dreaming to see this! It happened everyone! It really did!!)

@Hollywood Blvd

@Disneyland, Hollywood

Next state, NEVADA!!

@Las Vegas, NV

@Seven Magic Mountains, NV

@The Strip

@Fremont (We tried their Slotzilla!!!)

@Valley of Fire State Park

Third state, ARIZONA

@Hoover Dam

Been to 2 states at the same time. Arizona and Nevada! Different time zones!!! Cool right? 

@Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona

@Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Remember those wallpapers at your Microsoft computers? Yes yes yes! Amazing!

Last state, UTAH

@Zion National Park, UT

The only place I got to see in this beautiful state. 

I can’t post all the pictures and videos  I took for a month long stay but as you can see, It was FUN and EXPENSIVE at the same time. Hahaha.

Till my next #happydaysofrinalynfaye 


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August 24, 2017 at 2:11 am

Energetic October – Mt. Gulugod Baboy Ft. Isla Sumbrero

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Our October getaway should be at Calaguas BUT due to unavoidable “talkshits”, Calaguas didn’t happened. But hey, we won’t stop right there. We have to go somewhere near and something feasible. So Batangas is the place to be.

This friend of mine is dying to go here at this mountain in our place and since the weather was so cooperative that day, TADAAAAH! Touchdooooown!

How to go here:

1. Ride a bus from Buendia/Cubao going to Batangas City Pier. Ride the one with the signboard ACTEX Derecho for you to travel in a much shorter time.

2. Alight at Batangas City Grand Terminal.

3. Ride a jeepney going to Mabini. Php35.00

4. Alight at Bayan ng Mabini. Then ride a jeepney going to Gasang. Php8.00

5. Alight at Brgy. Gasang. You’ll notice a “kubo” with lots of motorcycle parked that will bring you to Mt. Gulugod Baboy. Php150.00

6. Then you’re ready for hiking.


We arrived just in time to witness the sunset which we all loved by the way.


The first time I was here was way back 2011. My mom and my sibs didn’t even rode a motorcycle. We walked 4 hours I guess from Gasang to the top (with lots of rest and lots of chikka of course) Everything’s easy now I guess. you can even bring your own car.


Our tired faces from walking because we didn’t let the motorcycle drivers wait for us. It was fun walking in the dark with our phones only in hand. We were actually playing cards that time after having dinner form that tiring walk to home.


The reason why were here – beach! I guess you all know how I love and adore the  beach and everything related to it.


Welcome to Isla Sumbrero! It’s the place to be! It’s a bit pricey but nothing comes free.

How to go here:

1. Ride a bus from Buendia/Cubao going to Batangas City Pier. Ride the one with the signboard ACTEX Derecho for you to travel in a much shorter time.

2. Alight at Batangas City Grand Terminal.

3. Ride a jeepney going to Mabini. Php35.00

4. Alight at Bayan ng Mabini. Then ride a jeepney going to Gasang. Php8.00

5. Alight at Brgy. Talaga. The port will be the landmark

6. Contact Mang Eddie (0929-7824731) to bring you there.

7. It will take you 45mins to get there.

8. Php200.00 for the entrance fee and Php800.00 for the rental of table.


Because for me, it is summer forever.


Have fun!

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October 28, 2014 at 11:57 pm

Unforgettable September – Masasa, Tingloy Batangas

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They all say “Wake me up when September ends” My mantra would be “Wake me up when September begins.” My summer vibe at the middle of the year. I guess, I was born to play with sands and waves. Everyone thinks the same way too.


After that “Videoke thing on August” I met with 2 of them over a bucket of beer just to say I’ll be absent at our monthly thing for August so I invited them at my place at Batangas before Kier leaves the country. Which in the end, I was there to sing with them too. HAHAHA. So yeah, here we are. After a month, Batangas we go! (L-R) Reigner, Me, Peaches,Kenneth and Jo Anne) Kier on wheels. (He doesn’t want to be tagged on facebook that’s why. HAHAHA)


Since they arrived at our house in Manila late, the whole schedule was messed up. We’re supposed to climb this mountain at our town but we didn’t. They’re too tired to trek and walk so we pour ourselves into these alcohol. 2 Emperador Light, 3 Red Horse Beer Mucho and 2 Grand Matador. Kudos to me, Reigner and Kier for being the toughest of ’em all. We’re drinking till 3AM. I got drunk. Real drunk. HAHAHA


Our good morning faces. HAHAHA. Off to paradise which I’ve been dying to go since I don’t know.


The place i’m talking about – Masasa Beach at Tingloy, Batangas. A boat ride away from my place. I was in awe when I finally laid my eyes on this place. But even before seeing this beach, you’ll first go through this.


Wonderful isn’t? I know. I know.


I missed this girl so damn much. A candid photo of you and a not so candid photo of me. AHAHAHA. No FO’s okay? HAHAHA


Hey you, in that moment, in that fucking moment you lost me. 

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September 13, 2014 at 1:49 pm

Spontaneous July – YOLO at Bulacan

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It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon when I a friend of mine pm’ed me on Facebook just to say we’ll push through. Despite that not so lovely weather, I packed my things and left home with a note for my mom saying I’ll be back the next day.

It’s INC’s 100th year celebration so we kinda left early at Kamuning for us not to be stuck in traffic. But we weren’t lucky enough but we had time –  we made time to go crazy while waiting.


Thank God for counter-flow we arrived a little early at Bulakan so we ate lugaw which is delicious by the way. Perfect for the weather indeed.

At around 9pm, we left Bulakan to go to Malolos to do what we really have to do.



As a matter of fact, alcohol keeps us together. So yeah. We went all the way North to have a drink with 5 of them. After 4 buckets, we decided to go hard at Jo Anne’s place instead. While we were on our way, someone (I really don’t know who that someone is) suggested we go swimming instead. Everybody affirmed. We still went to Jo Anne’s place for her to get clothes for us to wear. See? This is indeed spontaneous.


As much as I want to share every detail, I’d rather not. But to tell you frankly, I was so damn happy that day.

“There will always be that person in our life we’ll never lose feelings for.”


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August 4, 2014 at 10:55 pm

A week.

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Give me a week of being alone.
A week of endless thinking.
Let me love you for a week.
Then I’ll be leaving this feeling for good.

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July 10, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Amusing May – Family love at Caramoan

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12 hours land travel from Manila to Naga. 1 hour and a half land travel from Naga to Sabang Port. 2 hours boat ride from Sabang to Guijalo Port. Yes! The travel time will be that long. Nonetheless, you’ll  get to enjoy the view and the beauty of Caramoan will definitely take your breathe away.


It was last May 9 when my family went to Caramoan to spend another summer vacation. It wasn’t planned. It’s just been a week of preparation and yet forever will be in our hearts.

Friday afternoon when we arrived at Caramoan, ate lunch, rest a little and we’re off to some adventure. Island hopping it is!




I was bitten by a jellyfish because I was trying so hard to learn how to do the “floating” which I learned finally. That was one hell of a first day. I got darker already! Yihoo!

Our second day was another set of island hopping. We’re unfortunate to visit 4 islands because Survivor Holand already started their shooting the same day we were there but I’m happy to say we got to visit other islands too!


My mom does it everyday and everywhere. She joined us but didn’t even get off the boat because of her foot. Good thing, she’ll witness the beauty of the place too.


Starfish were all over the place. I am fond of starfish. You all know that right?


Summer photo 2014. One thing I’ll miss about my brother. His candid shots are what I like best.


Because I can no longer flip my hair, I’ll flip my feet instead.


So here’s the story.

Me: Ayoko na umalis. Dito na lang ako.

Then he grabbed my foot and pulled me. Funny thing is, I laughed instead of getting mad.



This is the only picture we are complete. This will do anyway.

We climbed 500+ steps to get to the top and witness the majestic view of Caramoan Peninsula. (Refer to the first photo of this post.)


Our Lady of Peace.

IMG_0997Our last top for our last day – Red Church of Caramoan


Having a chance to visit Caramoan. the feeling is surreal. You’ve traveled the entire Philippines already. Caramoan have this Chocolate Hills like in Bohol. Many lagoons like in Palawan. Fine white sand like in Boracay. The green mountains like in Batanes. And wait, I almost forgot. You’ll pass by Mayon Volcano too. See? Caramoan is worth a visit. 3 days won’t be enough but I can always go back right?

2 thumbs up for another summer escapade.

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June 11, 2014 at 1:55 am

Salamat po

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“Lord, Alam kong alam mo na ang hihilingin ko. Iniisip ko pa lang alam kong alam mo na at  gagawa ka ng paraan para matupad ito. Alam nating pareho kung ano na lang ang kulang sa buhay ko. Ayoko sabihin straight to the point kasi baka nagsawa ka na kaya hahayaan ko na lang ang lahat sa’yo. Alam kong di mo ko matitiis. Willing naman po ako magintay. Nagawa ko na mag-intay ng matagal at hindi ngayon ang oras para sumuko ako. Ito lang po ang hiling ko. Amen.”

Sa lahat ng simbahan na binisita at nakita ko sa unang pagkakataon noong ako ay nagpaka-Dora sa dakong hilaga ng bansang Pilipinas – ang Ilocos, yan ang aking hiniling.

Noong mga panahong iyon, akala ko lalaki ang kulang sa buhay ko. “Lovelife” ang magpapasaya pa ng sobra sa akala kong masaya ko ng buhay. Pero alam niyo ang nakakatawa at nakakagulat para sa babaeng hinayaang paikutin ng pag-ibig ang mundo niya tulad ko? Hindi pala iyon ang sagot sa hiling ko. Hindi lalake ang sagot para sumaya ako. It may be a bit late to realize this shit but at least I finally did.

Paano ko ito naisip? Sa paanong paraan ko napagtanto? Sa pinakamababaw na paraan na alam ko. Yun ay noong nasa roro ako galing Caramoan papuntang Sabang sa Camarines Sur habang pinagmamasdan ang bawat alon at bawat ng kurba ng bundok sa harapan ko.

Ang pinakamalaking tanong – Ano ang napagtanto ko? Ito – Hindi ko kailangan ng lalaki para sumaya ako. Hindi ko kailangan ang lovelife. Hindi ko kailangan maramdaman ang “head over heels inlove with someone” – sa ngayon. Hindi pa. Bitter ba pakinggan? Pero yung totoo, wala nang “bitterness” sa pagkatao ko ngayon. This is a mere realization – a big one. Naisip ko na ito noon pero aaminin ako sinasabi ko lang yun – “made believe” kumbaga.

Enough with that. HAHAHAHA. Katulad nga nung nasabi ko “I vow to travel.” Magastos man isipin, wala akong pakialam. Ito kasi ang nagpasaya sa akin at magpapasaya pa sa akin.

Hindi man ibinigay sa akin ni Papa God ang hiling ko, hinigitan niya naman ang akala kong kailangan ko. You know better. No, You know what is best for me. Na-late siguro ng bahagya pero at least diba? Sa tamang panahon pina-realize mo ito sa akin. I am more than thankful. Grabe. Thank you! Thank you po talaga.


Para sa lalaking inilaan ng Diyos para sa akin, kalma ka lang dyan. Nagiipon lang ako ng mga bagay na i-she-share ko  sa’yo sa takdang panahon. I don’t wanna bore you. I don’t want you find someone you think is better than me. Gawin mo din ang nagpapasaya sa’yo at pag dumating ang panahon na pagtatagpuin ang landas nating dalawa, gawin natin lahat yun ng sabay. G?


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May 14, 2014 at 11:54 pm

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