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What’s your name?

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Did you ever hate the name you have right now? Did you ever thought of changing it? Am I the only one? Yes, I did hate my name and I did plan to change it.

Way way way back, when I was much younger, I envy the name of my cousins – the girl ones. Their names are good for both gender. And I like the way it sounds. Mine is too girly and it’s somehow irritating. I’m not the girly type kind of girl. Well, I guess, back then. But still, I don’t like my name.

I grew up surrounded by boys. I wore cap instead of headband. I loved oversize shirts than the shirts that’s my size. I rather shoot balls than play barbie. I rather laugh hard than have a fight with the girls. And that’s where it all started. I start to ask why my name sounds that way. Am I born to be that girly kind of girl? I wanted to be far from the usual. Since I spent a lot of time with them together. They called me names. (eg. Paye. Kampilitot. Ilongapo. Ineng.) Though my name have its history than the others, I won’t buy that.

In my gradeschool days, I have this classmate with the name same as mine. That’s when I started to love my second name. I want “Faye” to be mine alone. Entering highschool with the same people, my name changes overtime. (eg. Pepay. Pepot. Fayer. Pipay. Pips.) We graduated highschool wherein I was known as “Faye” and she as her first name. Beat that?

Years passed, “Faye” doesn’t sound the same. It became meaningless. That’s when I started to try calling myself “Rinalyn”. I even changed my twitter ID to @callmeRINALYN from @RinalynFaye. Some friends do call me “Rinalyn” some calls me my full name tho which I find appealing.

Why am I writing this? Because I realized I have the coolest name ever. Its history is mine alone. It’s original not just from baby names book. (Though you can find “Faye” at those kind of books.) Well, the whole package itself is unique.

And one more thing, those people who called me names, I miss them – a lot. I miss hearing those names of mine from them. Some of them, I won’t be able to hear anymore. Maybe in my dream. Or maybe when I’ll be with them again – in time.

“Rinalyn Faye”, yes it is girly but it’s me. It’s for you to find out.


Written by RinalynFaye

February 9, 2014 at 5:14 am

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